Month: December, 2009


The following is my top five albums of the year. Not all were released in 2009, but there were albums that would create the soundtrack of 2009 for me. 

1. Bon Iver:  For Emma, Forever Ago

2. She & Him: Volume One

Not only is she my favorite actress, but my favorite female voice. 

3. City and Colour: Bring Me Your Love

“I can feel the wind blowing seven shivers down my spine.”

4. Regina Spektor: Far

Anyone who can write a song about finding a man’s wallet is a genius. 

5. Passion Pit: Manners



But then I couldn’t stop, and had to go on to 10.

6. Matt and Kim: Grand

7. Jaymay: Autumn Fallin’

8. Vampire Weekend

9. Ella and Louis

And my last could be considered cheating, since it is technically and ep … but I loved every song, therefore it counts.

10. Death Cab for Cutie: Open Door Ep

It’s been a good music year.



Whew! Finally done with finals means I can finally concentrate on blogging again. Somehow blogging after writing several large papers just isn’t very tempting. But its good to be back again. 

Being in school, life is separated into four pieces: spring semester, summer, fall semester, and christmas. And now that its christmas, I can’t help but think about my fall semester. It wasn’t an easy semester. As semesters go, I’d say it was my worst. But of course, that optimistic dreamer attitude (not always charming when having a good ol’ fashioned pity party) wouldn’t let me claim defeat. So I made a list of accomplishments. Nothing is ever a waste. Every situation has potential to be a learning experience or a ton of fun. Below is an excerpt of my list:

1. I got to see one of my favorite bands, live, on my birthday. 

2. I moved in with a very dear friend, and we parted on better terms than we began.

3. I successfully completed rush 09 for my social club. (That was more work that I imagined)

4. I pulled a B in a class in which I failed one out of three tests. (This involved above a 92 on my final exam)

5. My sister and I were able to transition our relationship into college life. 

6. I took up crocheting again.

7. I completed a 1000 piece puzzle.

8. I transitioned again.

Hmmm. Maybe everything isn’t as bad as I lump it sometimes. Maybe? Usually.


After wrapping up Thanksgiving, my sister and I stopped at my grandparent’s house for a night on our way back to school.

It was so nice to simply relax and watch old black and whites with my grandmother.