Month: March, 2010

The Ultimate List.

I love movies.

I love lists.

I love Lara and the Reel Boy.

So when I suggested they list the top five opening movie scenes, and asked me to guest blog, I said YES!

Go here to see the lists.

( I am very content right now, just wanted you to know.)


You are my Favorite.

I like to use the word favorite. You may even say that I am a chronic favorite over-user. But I don’t care. I like a lot of things. There are a lot of things in the world.

My current favorite things:

1. This blog. I check it daily. Jenna is amazing and always cheers me, even when she’s feeling a bit drab.

2. Chuck. Possibly the greatest show since the O.C. (since it was created by Josh Schwartz as well)

3. Whack-a-kitty. Just watch it.

4. Branches as decorations.

5. Pastel doors.

6. Old Navy Cardigans.

7. Strawberry Crystal light.

8. William Fitzsimmons’ “If you would come back home”

9. William Fitzsimmons’ beard.

10. Same Hill, Different Day.


We (Faith in Action) stopped by Freed-Hardman University during Spring Break while on our campaign and I couldn’t help but be inspired by the surroundings. It was the perfect amount of cloud cover. The students were wonderful and the staff incredible. Thanks to all who came to the show!


Finally! It’s here. Today is the day to celebrate She & Him’s second album release, due out Tuesday.

Enjoy and Happy Sunday.

Sundays are good.


I finally FINALLY FINALLY got to use my new umbrella this morning.

Okay, I actually cheated, it wasn’t raining, just cloudy.

But I know the rain is coming.