Month: May, 2010


“No, this is how it works,

You’re young until you’re not

You love until you don’t

You try until you can’t

You laugh until you cry

You cry until you laugh

And everyone must breathe until their dying breath.”

-Regina Spektor

(photos from Abby Tries Again)



I am about to leave for vacation and I can feel my body itching for the sand and sun. I already have my book selection made. Bon Voyage!

This is Good.

One of my favorite songs, accompanied by another one of my favorites, Jenny Owen Youngs!

A Timely Matter.

While chatting with a close friend, that close friend explained to me her new approach to time. She simply doesn’t answer the phone when the call is from someone she would prefer not to speak to. If she is talking with a person and feels the same, like time is slipping away, she leaves. And this friend was so excited about her new time saving method, like her time could be stored away to keep for a later time.

As I was thinking about this later in the week, I happened to be in a piano recital for another close friend of mine. It wasn’t the most interesting use of my time, but the look on her face when we finished was incredibly worth it. I had honored my friend with my time, the most precious gift.

Time truly is the most precious gift of all. It says to a person–you matter. I choose to be with you instead of doing anything else.

Time is what makes great parents and great coaches. Time is what a mentor gives his or her student. Priceless time.

So the next time I’m incredibly bored during a graduation ceremony or driving with my mother to the grocery store or walking with my grandmother, I’ll do my best to remember that I’m honoring them with my time.


I was internet surfing and found Urban Weeds, a Portland blog run by Lisa Warninger and founded by stylist Chelsea Fuss of Frolic. Here are a few of my favorite outfits. I want to go to Portland now just to be photographed. I would most likely only be rained on.

Real women are beautiful and stylish too!