Month: July, 2010


I stumbled across this wedding video at , a fabulous website. Possibly the greatest wedding video I’ve seen to date.




We all do it. Cycles are a part of life. Good things begin and end. Bad things begin and end.

I’ve been thinking a lot about transitioning and cycles for I am currently in a season of goodbyes. Funny, I wrote at the beginning of the summer how hard it was to be experiencing so many firsts. And now all those firsts will be difficult to let go of.

As I’m saying goodbye to my summer, my family will also be saying goodbye to their home of twenty-one long years. Now that both my sister and I have left the roost, it’s time for both of them to stretch their wings and move into bigger and better adventures.

Essentially, my parents and I are both doing the same thing, but on different scales. I can’t help but admire their bravery, and fear, as they step out into the unknown. While writing this post, I can’t help but feel much of the same things as I did at the beginning, like my starts and finishes are blurring. Maybe that makes the goodbyes that much more bearable.

So here’s to you summer, the season of life that never seems to repeat itself.

Day Date.

I took a little trip into Downtown today, just me.

I like people, don’t get me wrong, but there is something so incredibly serene about being alone in a crowd.

About pleasing no one but yourself for the day.

About having no schedule.

I concocted a perfect blend at YogurtLand, perused the stores …

Watched Breathless, and old French film which StudioCanal recently renovated for the film’s 50th Anniversary.

Then I stumbled upon a vinyl store with a fabulous selection. And organization. Organization while music shopping is never overrated.

I rescued two old Fred Astaire and Louis Armstrong albums.

All in all, one of my favorite summer days yet.


I decided to pimp my boring camera strap. It was black. And plain.

Using yellow vintage buttons that I found in a local antique shop, I sewed them all along the strap. I think it turned out quite well! I love being pleased with my own craftiness.


I finally finally FINALLY after much deliberation and research, purchased my new Canon camera, and the wait was worth it.

And I got straight to work playing with my new toy.

Cameras are manipulative, aren’t they? Pictures are interpretations, views from the person behind the viewfinder. Permanent, but manipulations nonetheless. In The Brothers Bloom Rachel Weisz’s character says, “A photograph is a secret about a secret.”

Meaning we’ll never really know the truth about a photograph. Will we?