Month: August, 2010


One of my favorite ways to wear my hair, when its long enough, is the fishbone braid. The braid itself is elegant and incredibly underrated. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a fishbone braid.

Despite the complicated pattern, the hairstyle is actually quite simple to create. Follow these simple instructions here and happy braiding!

Doing the Fishbone Hair Braid: How to Braid Hair in Different Ways |


Friday Favorites. (Two Days Late)

While perusing, (code for procrastinating) I found a few things I liked. A lot.

It’s been a busy weekend, complete with a quick trip to Stamford, Texas to write a new fall show for Faith in Action. It will be nice to slip back into routine for the next few days.

I love this description. It makes me feel like dancing.

Amazing Bookends. (Am currently in a never-ending search for the perfect bookends.)

Such a great car. In plum, please.

A gorgeous stained-glass wedding cake.

These sweet, go-with-everything flats. (I really can’t have too many)

Hope you had a restful weekend. Labor day is soon!

Skinny Love.

I can’t quite place my finger on what makes this video so enchanting. Perhaps it is the contrast in periods, a modern song with an early film. Perhaps its the way the emotions seem to line perfectly with the song’s inflections. Either way, its magical.

 Bon Iver lyrics are quite interpretational. For the longest time I thought “Re:Stacks” meant something completely different. I had a professor once that told me art belongs to the world but the interpretation belongs to you.

Justin Vernon wrote this about the lyrics of “Skinny Love”: “Well, [“Skinny Love”] wasn’t about who you think it would be about. Part of the trouble with the old haunting love, is that it taunts your future loves, and can damn and/or ambush your relationships. That’s who this is about.”

I think the maker of this video understands the song better than many. Just watch the last few moments.

Jean Jean Vintage.

While purusing etsy, my normal workday activity, I ran across Jean Jean Vintage, a wonderfully moderately priced jewlery store. Take a gander.

Marking Time.

Usually calendars are a hot topic around January, but I can’t help thinking about them each time August rolls around. Calendars, wide ruled paper, pencils, felt tipped pens, binders. I love back to school shopping! This back to school time is bittersweet, as it is my last time to go back to school. 17 years of school supply shopping.

But I digress.

I’ve been thinking about changing my calendar arrangement in my room and couldn’t help but fall in love with this exaggerated arrangement of what I already have.

Isn’t it great? I love the idea of putting up bits and pieces of the day in each slot, like show tickets and recipes. But a smaller version would suit my small office area a lot better.  Here are a few more that I discovered. So many choices!

Check out Etsy and Calendar Roundup for more print choices!


I would like to introduce you to Angus and Julia Stone. While listening to my LastFM station, I too was pleasantly introduced to the brother and sister duo, whose first album was released in early 2007, A Book Like This.

Their sophomore album, Down the Way, beat the slump. I was instantly taken back by their raspy voices and frequent harmonica bridge. It’s a personal theory of mine that I can tell if I like a song or not within the first 10 seconds. Angus and Julia Stone were no exception. Their lyrics are thoughtful and precise, dedicated and honest. Not to mention, both are absolutely gorgeous.

After discovering these indie gems, imagine my excitement while mapping out my ACL experience, I discovered that the duo will be playing on Friday! What a pleasant surprise!

Try “Mango Tree.”

You’ll love it.

Book Wear.

This summer, my roommate directed my attention to the fabulous Out of Print clothing company. Out of Print takes classic book covers and turns them into sleek t-shirts. They also have a sweet blog about book art, that fascinated me for quite some time.

I would like one of each book. Although I do believe they should make one for Lucky Jim, written by Kingsley Aims.

After reading the novel in my british novel class, I fell deeper for the wonderful world that is British humor. Now I can’t help but think of book covers in terms of clothing.


I found this on Design Sponge this morning, and couldn’t help but laugh.

I would, however, like to substitute Old Movies for Horror Movies.



Summer is beginning to fade into fall, which is one of my favorite in-between seasons. Such a time reminds me of the color teal, which reminds me of Indian Summer.

Recently I stumbled across this website, named Lovely Clusters, that clusters etsy items together by color. Genius! I couldn’t stop perusing the teal section. Yellow was lovely as well.