Month: October, 2010

One Year.

Happy 1st birthday blog! It’s been quite a year.



I just recently returned from a quick trip to Austin for their annual festival, Austin City Limits, which draws thousands and thousands of music lovers out to enjoy great Austin music and food. Definitely my favorite concert experience thus far.

We started the day at Magnolia Cafe, a local favorite. I had the gingerbread chocolate chip pancakes, which were wonderful! I do so love a good breakfast.

I think we triple checked our tickets at least seven times. Don’t worry, we got in. (Also, as the park opened, the speakers blared the Star Wars theme song as we entered. It was magical.)

One of my favorite parts of the day was checking out the local art area, where store owners set up booths to sell Austin goods. I bought a hat that I’ve actually worn more than once!

And of course, the music. The wonderful wonderful music.

Angus and Julia Stone, who I’ve blogged about before, were absolutely sensational. Both walked the stage with such a casual elegance, and played with sheer enjoyment. And Julia’s trumpet solo took my breath away. As did the eye contact I made with Angus Stone. Yeah, it was awesome.

Vampire Weekend was another favorite show. The energy, the lights, the friends we made while standing like sardines for a hour, I won’t soon forget any of it. Plus, you could hear each word that was sung. All in all, a great performance!

Also, they played “I Think UR a Contra,” which is a number that they don’t often play at shows. It was the one song I most wanted to hear, and the most special moment for me at the show. Plus, the stage became illuminated with a map of Contra.

I still get goosebumps thinking about it.




A few new Etsy finds, garnered through the treasury section.

Two sweet lovebird dishes from Birds of a Feather.

This awesome typewriter. I would be such a better speller if we still worked with typewriters.  Spell check — too much of a good thing.

This gorgeous print from Natalie French Photography. Sometimes I miss children’s lit.

An owl duo. Approprate for Halloween. And fall.

Pasetel banner. Not appropriate for Halloween or fall, but a favorite nonetheless.

Enjoy this bright autumn day!

(I’m still crossing my fingers for an Indian Summer)

Music Video Monday.

Lovely. Perfectly lovely.

“We’ll use our eyes instead.”

Not only is this one of the catchiest songs of 2010, I have fallen in love with the words. I must admit, they’ve caused me to pick up my camera a bit less…

“Cameras” by Matt and Kim.

sun’s going down let’s get together
on the bridge we’ll meet up tonight

black pants red sweatshirt and brown bags
above the East River’s northern lights
you see what I see
I thought it make believe
watched the sun rise
on my street

old cement makes for
a solid place to lay
bed of light grey
my bed of light grey
while I know it’s letters
that can spell
I hear now it’s words that can say

I decided to start writing less
and I’m talking more everyday
sixteen of our friends
a five seat bright red van
curbside view
turn off of grand

pound my steering wheel
we yell to the windshield
I’m finally home
I’m finally home
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
no time for cameras
we’ll be gone when we’re dead
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
I see flashes of gold

every single car alarm we hear
we’ll steal and throw through their window
my water comes straight from the tap
and those bottles are all just for show
I see that we’re made of
more then blood and bones
see we’re made of
sticks and stones

don’t forget to breathe
need locks for your keys
don’t forget to breathe now
forget to breathe now
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
no time for cameras
we’ll be gone when we’re dead
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
I see flashes of gold

Mark Your Calendars.

Wolfie and the Sneak, blogista and contributor to Modish, just unveiled her new 2011 calendar for the year. Only 100 are made to sell at just $30. I love the idea of having a collector’s edition calendar, although I’m more of a planner girl myself.

Here are a few of my favorite months. She’s wonderfully talented!

Life List.

Today I couldn’t help but be inspired by Mighty Girl’s Mighty Life List. I love that several of her to-dos are simple and do-able, while some are fantastical and whimsical. I think a great Life List needs both. Both the easily obtainable and the realistically unobtainable. I think too realistically sometimes. It feels good to just dream.

Here are a few that I’ll be adding to my Life List.

1) Climb every 14er in Colorado. (So far, I’ve made it to Mount Huron)

(That’s kind of an awkward pose. Whatever. We were excited about making to the top. And passing the 10 year old.)

2) See the Cardinals play at home.

3) Make the perfect English Toffee.

4) Own my own bookstore / bakery. A bookery, if you will.

5) Learn to sew. (And become self-sufficent in every way. Okay, not really. But mending a hem would be nice.)

6) Grow an herb garden.

7) Rollerblade backwards.

8 ) Have something published in Real Simple. ( I don’t care how simple it is, a recipe, a letter to the editor, an article, I’m not picky about this one)

9) Watch a Fred and Ginger movie in an outdoor movie theater/park.

10) Finish my blanket. (I’ve been crocheting it for almost a year. These things take time.)

These should hold me for awhile.

Rain List.

This list sounds perfect. Bring on the rainy day!


A wonderful follow up to She & Him’s previous music video. Thank you thank you Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward for making music. I owe you.


A few days ago I was in Zumba class (a wonderful mashup of hip hop and salsa music combined with aerobic dancing) and a flamenco song was introduced. Flamenco is a style of music and dance that originated with gypsies in the early 15th century but evolved later on in Spain. As I was following the choreography, I couldn’t help but think of Carmen, the heroine in Peel My Love Like an Onion, a book I had read last year by Ana Castillo.

The story of Carmen is truly a tale of self-actualization and the love triangle that ultimately leads to Carmen’s  independence. What makes Carmen unique is not that she’s an incredibly graceful flamenco dancer, but that she dances beautifully,  despite of her bum leg.

And so I kept thinking about Carmen as I danced, remembering that Flamenco dancing is all in the delicacy of the arms,  the arch of the back, the beat of the music. And though I wasn’t wearing a flower in my hair,  my nails weren’t painted, and my lavish skirt didn’t skim the floor, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like Carmen, dancing in spite of everything else.

I think that is why I love books so much–they enrich my present. There is a line from my favorite movie You’ve Got Mail, in which Meg Ryan questions, “So much of what I’ve seen reminds me of what I’ve read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around?” And while I did grapple with this questions for some time, I’ve come to realize that this is a cycle.

What I experience in life is enriched because of my sentimental attachment to the story and what I read becomes enriched because I’ve experienced it.  Wordsworth explained that the most beautiful poetry rings true inside of us because we understand the sentiments. He was right.

We were made to live, but I think we were also made to learn.