Month: November, 2010

Idea Crush.

Saw these while perusing the intra-net. (Giving myself a much needed research break!)

An awesome collage (as usual) from Lox Papers

A great idea for a hair-tie replacement and awesome garden embellishment from A Cup of Jo.

And a reminder of the red tights (via Matchbox) sitting in my drawer. I will wear you tomorrow!


Fall: A Study in Pictures.

Fall is beginning to wind down, with the passing of one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.

I thought I’d pay homage to my favorite season with a few photos that were taken along the way.

(And great photos need a soundtrack, of course.)


Stop and take stock of what this season has meant to you. Sometimes (okay, often) time passes without me fully digesting how blessed I am. Just looking back at pictures reminds me of that.

It’s been a wonderful fall.

Music Monday

Perfection. AH! This song is what great songs are made of. I could listen to Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, all day.

And how cute are those ballerinas?

Friday Favorites

This week has been a hectic blur of papers and assignments and different languages and it feels good to breath, drink my hot cocca and look at pretty things online. Here are my obsessions from the week.

#1. Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. Seriously? Gwyneth Paltrow rocks. I don’t care who you think you are.

#2. My green peacoat from Gap. I finally pulled from the back of my closet. This might be my favorite item of clothing.

#3. Learning the cha-cha. (I can’t follow. I’ll admit it.)

#4. “You Are Special Today” plates. I ate off of mine this very night.

#5. This poem.

#6. The 1949 film The Heiress. I just finished the movie this week and fell in love all over again with Montgomery Clift. Sadly, his real life wasn’t as glamorous. The story is wonderful and beautifully ambiguous at the end–perfect for a coffee shop discussion. And Olivia de Havilland won an oscar for her portrayal of the innocent heiress.

Indoor Adventure.

My roommate and I have an annual event. At least, we’re making it annual by repeating it again this year. Last semester, after finals, we built a huge indoor fort inside our living room and parked our tired and intellectually over-stimulated bodies in front of our vintage tv. And watched movies. And napped. And watched movies. And napped.

I spent three days hibernating under that tent and I can’t wait to do it again.

And we will finally, FINALLY finish season four of Felicty, once and for all.

Lost and Found.

I recently stumbled across Forgotten Bookmarks, the blog of a small used bookstore that posts found and forgotten bookmarks from used books.

Used books are my favorite. When I read a used book, it feels like I’ve made a connection the person before me, like a tiny white string lies slack between us. Thinking of the impact the book may have had on the previous reader often baffles me. When, where, and why were they reading this book? These bookmarks are tiny doorways into the answers of these questions. And I think this website is absolutely marvelous.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This one cracks me up. Apparently it’s a list of names labeled “Bad” with several checked off. I mean, this is a legit hit list. And a quite extensive one at that.

How to …

The past few days I’ve been a bit … gloomy. And for reasons too trivial to mention. I am INCREDIBLY blessed and I often find myself dissecting pieces of my life that I can’t control.

And I HATE gloomy days. They feel so wasted. So … gone — for a lack of a better word.

So I said enough was enough. I wasn’t going to waste anymore time drowning in an inch-high pool of misery. So I made this list. I posted it in a highly visible area. And it’s working.

I should’ve thought of this years ago.

Music Monday.

Feeling rather melancholy. Which matches perfectly with this gem of a song.

(“Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine)


When fall rolls around, I always feel the need to be doing something crafty. Or redecorating. And I was quite inspired by this simple and bright apartment.

(And thanks for those words of wisdom Micheal Jackson.)

I need one (or two) of these record shelves desperately. Large silver apple? Not so desperate.

I love this mantle piece as well. Our rosebush is still blooming, despite the November air. It feels like such a contradiction to smell a new rosebud while wearing a winter jacket and scarf.