Month: December, 2010

Friday Favorites.

Shanna Murray’s amazing wall decal shop.

This shirt from Max Wanger Photography.

The NEW spring line from Edelweiss.

(I’d wake up warm and toasty inside a snowed in cabin.)

Cute engagement pictures!

This morse code necklace. It spells friend.

A purchase I’m pondering from a local boutique. Should I?

Album frames from U.O. Can’t beat 2 for $20!

A little book humor. (My favorite)

And another Kings of Conveniece song. Sorry. I’m hooked.

Happy New Year!


Day Date.

I celebrated New Years Eve day (A holiday which I truly do detest, thank you Ben Gibbard’s: “So this is the New Year? And I don’t feel any different”) with a trek into town to treat myself with a chocolate croissant and to begin  re-reading a book for my senior project. Along the way I picked up a print by Leah Duncan, an unexpected but pleasant find.

And a stray acorn as well.

The rest of the afternoon will include but is not limited to the following: Gilmore Girls, crocheting, the ukulele, a sunshine nap, and more etsy perusing.


Perhaps I’ll be this great on my ukelele some day.



My parents have been in a new season of life for a … season. While my dad works his way through his new job and my mother searches for a home, their current abode is inside a large rv, which is also where all four of us have been inhabiting.

That puts things into perspective. Quickly.

Currently my closest is outside in a cardboard box under the hitch. And I’ve been thinking a lot about why I have so much STUFF, especially as our family drove to a shopping center  for our annual post-Christmas-spend-your-gift-cards trip. It’s just STUFF. It isn’t enriching my life. I’m not gaining anything from this new blouse (although I really like my new blouse ….)

Jesus lived with nothing. He relied on the generosity of others. And while I’m not sure that’s what I’m being called to do, I do want to supply others with generosity of my own. Because really, all I NEED is what fits inside this small closet outside, under the RV. Not the closet full of fabric that awaits me at home.

And that can be applied to other areas of life as well, can’t it?

Idea Crush.

I’ve been eyeing these embroidered hoops lately, anxious to do my own. I didn’t even notice I’d been collecting them until various types appeared on my desktop. We have types, don’t we?

I embroidered a lot as a kid, that is until my mother banned needles from the house due to a freak accident in which one needle ended up going through the heel of her foot, putting an end to my craftiness.

Thus, I’ve added needlepointing to the ever-growing list of hobbies I will pick up once graduation has commenced. Me thinks I’m becoming delusional about post-graduate time.


December has brought finals, the annual tent-extravaganza, peppermint cookies, and a ukulele reunion.

If only it would bring snow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And I’ve phased back into playing again. Welcome back callused fingers. And this tab is my current obsession. It feels good to make music once more. (Plus, I’m so much better than last year. No more off-key “Amazing Grace” for me!)

And my favorite odd-treat, stale marshmallow. Just open a bag … and leave it. For days.

Possibly the easiest snack of all time.

And of course, the tent. My favorite. My roommate and I, and the various guests that filtered in and out, enjoyed a relaxing and glorious three days. Laura affectionately coined the color schemes as the “Patterns of Lauren’s Life.” That is my bedding, in a nutshell.

I hope you’re enjoying YOUR Christmas break as well.

Still on the December to-do list:

-ice skating

-annual viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life

-stocking stuffer shopping

-christmas cookies

-snow angels (This last one is quite a stretch, as it is currently sunny and 70 degrees outside. Curse you Texas winter.)

Oh, Bing Crosby.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It has officially arrived, I am on BREAK!

And celebrating with A Christmas Story, tent making, and Bing Crosby on vinyl.

Oh oh oh the holidays are good.

Music Monday

Enjoy this beautiful cover of my favorite Christmas song. And support Samantha Crowder! She’s has a perfectly lovely voice.  And a two cool blogs as well. One for her music, and a personal blog too!

Love, Love, Love. And Plans.

I’ve never been in love.

Maybe once or twice in a Taylor-Swifty-I-can-only-see-the-next-five-minutes kind of way.

And then once in a maybe-this-is-love-but-it-was-actually-something-else kind of way.

But those don’t count. If anything, they reaffirm that I have yet to be in love.

And I’m excited. I don’t particularly have a timeline for my life. I used to think I understood how my life would fall, the order of events that would transpire as I grew. But all that plan has taught me is that I shouldn’t really make concrete plans at all.

There are so many things that I’m excited for today. The upcoming holiday, seeing snow for the first time this season, seeing Christmas lights explode about the neighborhood.

And bigger things as well. Being able to introduce a man as my husband. Making dinner for two. Holding my child for the first time. Playing tooth fairy.

But those are plans, aren’t they? Ben Gibbard wrote in his song “What Sarah Said”: “And it came to me then, that every plan, is a tiny prayer to father time.”

The truth in those lines astounds me. My grandfather used to say “Lord Willing” before his verbs. I found it so frustrating, a waste of words. Mostly I just wanted my plans to transpire, to be able to go to Disneyworld if I wanted to go.

But plans are like the wind. So quick to appear and so immediate to shift. Besides, some of the best moments of my life took place because of broken plans.

God makes better plans anyway.

So I’m excited to see what he has up his sleeve. For us to take this next step together. For him to once again throw my plans out the window.


“The past of one’s experiences doesn’t differ a great deal from the past of one’s knowledge. It isn’t much more probable; it’s really a great deal less vivid than some scenes in a novel that one read as a boy.” – William Dean Howells