Month: January, 2011


Dear friends,

I’ll be taking a short break for a few weeks. Life is unbelievable busy and worrying/pondering posts will just have to wait. It will be nice to get back in the groove of regular posts again.




Music Monday

First Aid Kit – “Ghost Town”.

You know how some songs are just better acoustic? That’s this song.

Discovered via Something’s Hiding in Here.


Friday, er…Weekend Favorites

This art project for your blank, white walls. (Shame on those blank white walls)

This song. I can’t get the melody out of my head. And the chorus? Beautiful. And actually quite perfect for listening to inside of a coffee shop, piddling away on the internet.

Where the Lovely Things are movie/esty posts. Blog writer Mallory takes a movie and searches through etsy to relay a certain theme in the movie. Brilliant. My two favorite things, etsy and movies. I couldn’t stop looking at her posts.

A bookshelf made of stairs. Or stairs made of bookshelves?

A favorite Postsecret.

A paper flower.

A neat-o picture my sweet sister sent me.

A diagram about falling in love.

And a cosmetic case that I just finished drooling over.

Hope you had a happy and comfortable weekend. Unless you’re all about crazy/wild weekends. Which I am just too old for now.

Thank goodness for hot tea and Sunday naps.


Do you ever feel so excited that you want to hug the future? Take the infinite unknown into your arms and squeeze it, because it’s all that will fully encompass the emotion felt at that precise moment?

That’s how I feel when I look at the stills from Project Impossible, an award-winning exhibit that reuses material to create something new: “In order to create the most beautiful analog instant film ever, Impossible optimized the new film material into every single detail. One of these details is the so-called darkslide.

Basically the darkslide is a purely technical necessity, protecting the film from light as long as it is outside the camera. Impossible is converting the darkslides in collector cards by transforming them into an area to present art projects. On a regular basis we will invite artists to develop refreshing, creative and inspiring content that turns the Impossible Darkslides into unique pieces of art.” – Project Impossible.

. . .

Some of the ideas are practically impossible, like licking an elbow, or ironically impossible like milking a cow in a Gucci dress. I could do that, I just won’t. There are social impossibilities, physical impossibilities, and impossibilities that I’m glad are impossibilities, like living a perfectly planned life.

I’m not sure why looking at a list of impossibilities makes me feel so hopeful and optimistic, but it just does.

Music Monday.

I would be showing you music videos … but I’m too jazzed about these upcoming films that I chose Movie Monday instead. Although music is one of the reason’s I’m already emotionally invested in the terrible terrible upcoming film Prom that uses “Young Blood” by the Naked & Famous. Thanks a lot Disney.

#1: Jane Eyre – Classic. And Rochester isn’t overly handsome. Hollywood, you actually read the book!

#2: Restless – Same actress. Didn’t even realize that I was on such a Mia Wasikowska kick.

#3: The Tree of Life. I like Brad Pitt. And Fox Searchlight films. Deal with it.

Goodness, that’s a beautiful trailer.

Now comes the waiting part.

Wait, wait, wait.

Book Art.

I love books. We all know this to be true. But I also love books as art. See for yourself.

All images from FunForever.

There are so many good things in this world.

Oh, hello January.

Hello few and faithful readers. It’s time once again for the predictable New Year post that has most blogs typin’ a flurry. I’m not one for resolutions, as aforementioned, but my sister asked me a provoking question yesterday: What’s one thing you hope happens this year?

The answer?

I hope I move.

Sounds like a funny hope, but it’s the first and most genuine wish that came to mind. I’m about to graduate from college and I can’t wait to begin again, to start from scratch. To build a new family, to set up shop, to discover new coffee houses and sweet friendships.

I’m ready to turn the page. Nervous, but ready. I’m aware that I have many bittersweet goodbyes in front of me, but before this move takes place, wherever it leads me, I can’t wait to have a “last” of each college experience. I can’t wait to squeeze the last out of it.

I. can’t. wait. to see what God has planned.