Month: February, 2011

Friday Favorites.

Favorites garnered by fruitful internet searching/wasting time instead of doing homework:

Silk Hair Ties— cute and functional.

Speaking of hair, I’m anxious to try this once summer rolls around.

Speaking of summer, I’m anxious to see where I’ll be settling down post graduation. I’d like to have these cute letters with me.

Speaking of traveling, I found this panting on my igoogle page today.

I like it.

Warby Parker glasses. Not only are they a great company that allows at-home glasses preview and charges an INCREDIBLY decent rate, but they have a one-for-one donation process–for every pair bought, a pair of glasses is given to a person in need.

Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard’s tweets. So freakin cute.

Baked Kale chips. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

Happy Friday! I’m going to the drive-in theater tonight. I think the last film I saw at a drive-in was Pocahontas.

Wow. That was ages ago.


Wish List.

I’m having a hard time choosing winter outfits when all I want to wear are items like this:

Oh, Hey Library.

So I’m knee deep into my senior research paper. Literally, knee deep. I could build a fort from the paper and books I’ve collected. But I

More on that later.

I digress.

Projects are essential. I need a project. I need something that inspires me to get going, a project that requires a reward when finished.

A life without a project really isn’t a life at all, is it?

So I will continue to breathe deeply the moldy musk of the library, and trudge through my forest made of parchment.

The Result of Feeling Crafty.

I’ve had a crafty few days, inspired by a picture I posted on Friday Favorites last week. I spent the weekend making this cowl neck scarf, which I LOVE and have worn almost every cold day since.

I love the mustard yellow and the pattern is wonderfully simple. I just created a chain, and looped it around to create a circle, and just kept on with the single stitch. Sweet and simple.

In honor of Valentines Day, I made my next door neighbors bran-muffins, which sounds odd, but it’s what they like. And that’s why I like them.

Here are my bran-muffins, V-day edition:

I was quite proud! The recipe can be found here.

And I FINALLY finished my calendar. (It’s February, I know.) I also completed my gallery wall, as inspired by the new Hellogoodbye album cover.

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself!

Friday Favorites.

The sun has shone all week long, which makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. Which makes me feel as if summer is just around the corner.

Which makes me want to wear sandals, which I currently am doing.

This weekend will be a busy one! A road trip tonight, work, and more catching up on homework. (Why can’t we all speak English?)

This week I’m loving:

Everything Kate Spade loves. And Kate Spade in general.

Vanilla Tea from Harney. I’m almost out!

This amazing crochet banner.

e.e. cummings, valentines style.

Billy Collins, reading one of my favorite poems. Gosh, I’m such a nerd, sitting in the library, eyes closed and giggling along with this video.

And the Matchbook girl. I do love online magazines, and this is a gem,

Have a great weekend!

To Do.

There. It’s decided. We’re all making today a lovely day.

It’s such a great day to be alive.

Wish List.

Perfect for this gorgeous weather we’ve been having. My heart is already set on spring.

Idea Crush.

Feeling crafty today… such a cute idea!

via A Cup of Jo

Dear Monday. (And Music Monday)

So my name isn’t Leah, but I like this sentiment nonetheless. Especially since Monday’s aren’t always my favorite day.

But this song has been on repeat all week long.

Hoorah for Hellogoodbye’s new album!

Friday Favorites.

This is the first weekend in MONTHS that I have nada. No major plans, no work, no large agenda. I’m sighing deeply just thinking about it.

And as usual, here are my favorites from the week:


Still enjoying my scarfy weather.

And cardigan weather.

A wonderfully sweet sentiment.

2 down. 10 to go. And how powerful is The Awakening?

A tiny plea for spring. And an all yellow house.

… and reality. But clementines make reality better.

Thinking of Jane Austen. As usual.

Have a relaxing weekend dear friends!