Month: March, 2011

The Black Keys.

This semester, I began taking piano lessons. After my first lesson, I was over the moon, completely in love with the piano, knew I was going to be the next Chris Martin.

I was wrong.

Now, four months into lessons, I HATE the piano. It has become the bane of existence. I don’t like practicing. My fingers don’t move as quickly as I’d like for them to. The notes confuse me. And if I hear “Every good boy does fine,” one more time, I might scream.

But I have to finish my lessons.

And I’m thankful that I tried. Because you don’t really know what you like until you try something that you hate. Isn’t that life? Figuring out what is good and what isn’t.

Listening to the piano, that is good.

Playing the piano? Not so good.

I’m sticking to being a piano spectator. And I can now cross “Learn to play the piano” off my life list.



Music Monday.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend dear readers. Mine was relaxing and sunny, the weather tempting me only to produce a dreary start of a week. This song made me feel better. The Avett Bros are old news, but still a staple.

It’s even better with lyrics.

Happy Monday.

Today I’d Like To…


BUT, It’s windy. And I have no cat.

I settled for UNO and reading the latest RealSimple. Pretty great substitution.


You Make Glasses Look Cool.

Wish List.

I like ….

Dressy shorts from Urban Outfitters.

Book Art.

And stones shapped like hearts.

Music Monday.

I love Schuyler Fisk. I have since my first viewing of the Babysitter’s Club movie, an all time fav. Remember Kristi? (Far right)

Since then, Schuyler Fisk has been in one of my favorite indie films, I’m Reed Fish, and written two of my favorite albums. Her newest album, Blue Ribbon Winner, has been on repeat all week. Here’s a “making of” video. Isn’t she the cutest? Gosh, those freckles.

And her official music video:

Sigh. So good.

Post-Friday Favorites.

Still loving the Matchbook magazine. And I do all of those things except Tweet. I don’t Tweet. Or tip the doorman, as our apartment doesn’t have a doorman. But lucky pennies? I always stop for lucky pennies.

New Bridesmaids dresses from Anthro’s new bridal store.

(And can I be honest? I think that model has such an awkward face.)

My future husband. Really far into the future, of course. Via That Kind of Woman.

A gorgeous top from Zara.

The perfect wedding band from Bario-Neal.

Sweet street style via That Kind of Woman.

This advertisement for Blue Valentine. Sadly, I’m not sure I can handle such a depressing movie right now.

Crossing my fingers for rain so that I can …

… sing in the rain.

Hope you had an amazing spring break! I soaked up every ounce of excitement, as it was my last one. I headed east with some dear friends for a mission trip. God used us to bless others in the most incredible ways. ┬áIt’s always the best part of my year.

Wish List.

M. Ward’s Hold Time album might be some of my favorite album artwork.

The songs aren’t so bad either:

Happy Thursday!

Simple Pleasures.

How cool was Google’s homepage today? So intricate! Thanks Google, for making my day a little sweeter.


I think I will forever …

i.e. :

Yes. Natural hair is good hair.