Month: June, 2011

Friday Favorites.

I have the day off.

Deep breath.

And I’m finally back in Colorado, which feels like a giant sigh of relief. I’m still homesick for Texas, but that issue is more people related.

I belong in the mountains.

This week I’ve been so happy with the low temperatures, but I’m ready to get back into dresses and shorts.

And outfits like this:

(From Matchbook Mag. What a great online magazine!)

And I’m loving this color palate! And Rachel Bilson’s style, as usual.

This year, blue bonnets didn’t bloom in the Hill County. Not enough rain. This picture made me a little sad. Pray for rain in Texas and New Mexico!

Stair lust.

Cute cute.

Mint — Currently my favorite nail color. And one many seem to like to comment on … go figure.

Love, love, loving the fresh flowers at Whole Foods right now!

And last, a few words of wisdom, from one lady to another:

Hope your weekend includes some time like this! I know mine will.


I Make My Own.

I’ve officially entered the 21st century. At least it feels like it with my new smartphone.

(If you don’t have instagram, get it. I spend more time on it than actually using my phone for communication purposes.)

But the more I looked for cases, the more depressed I felt. Blah to otterboxes/hand boats, blah to plain colors. Even blah to Kate Spade cases, which just weren’t what I was looking for. But for protection purposes, I needed one.

So I purchased a clear one, and shortly afterwards realized the potential sitting in my hands.

Using an old Anthropology catalog and my favorite fortune cookie fortune, I created my own!

This is satisfaction, my friends. At least, until I change it.