Things I Love About Seoul.

by Beauty.Full.

#1 Mornings

I recently read in my latest Real Simple magazine that one of the most peaceful things you can do for yourself is create a morning routine and stick to it.

My morning routine is pretty simple. I wake up, make my bed and put water on to boil for my coffee. I open the windows, set my breakfast table and take a few deep breaths as I fully wake up. And then I spend an hour journaling, praying, reading my bible, using my Oswald Chambers devotional book, and thinking positive thoughts.

Morning has become the absolute best part of my day.

#2 Street purchases and Convenience. 

I live in a metro area, which means I am privy to a lot of convenience. I am just a few steps away from a little market and a few more steps away from a big market (pictured above)

Produce is also sold cheaply on the street, which is fun and easy to buy on the way home from work. It’s so nice to run out of milk, but only be 5 minutes away from having more. It’s easy to get spoiled pretty quickly.

#3 The Subway

Just like any other westerner, I have a car and love to drive. There aren’t many activities more freeing than a road trip, windows down, music blaring. But there is much to be said for a reliable mode of public transportation.

I love the subway for three reasons:

1. I get to read while I commute. I’m currently averaging about 2 books a week. I think the last period of life I had so much reading time was the 4th grade, when I sped through one Baby-Sitter’s Club book a night.  Right now I’m in the middle of Gilead and am loving every page.

2. I get to look for outfit inspiration. My clothing style fits in quite nicely with Korean style and I love looking at all the outfits.

3. It’s cheap. Seriously cheap. I can get just about anywhere in the city and back home for under $3. You can’t really beat that.

#4 Korean Packaging and Overall “Cuteness” Appeal

Korean culture is all-around more geared towards the younger generation. Most older women and young professional females dress the same. The advertisements typically target 16-23 year-olds and that shows in the cute packaging and prints I see all over the city.

I love it! It’s so easy to find things in cute prints and designs that would cost a lot more back home.  And my hair bow collection is really growing.