Month: October, 2011

Put A Movie On Your Wall.

Seriously loving the movie poster prints for sale on Svpply.

Favorite? Toss up between Return of the Jedi and Eternal Sunshine. 


Two Sleepy People.

Currently on repeat in my house.

September Through Instagram.

Here’s a visual representation of what my September looked like.

(Goodness, I love Instagram.)

My sweet boyfriend took me on the most wonderful date to see an IMAX movie about Tornadoes and a visit into the Science Spectrum Museum. It was pretty much my favorite date of all time.

The female members of my family LOVE to thrift. My mother and I spent all our free time in September scouring vintage stores and antique shops for awesome furniture. This, by far, was the best chair I saw. Too bad I couldn’t have it, seeing as I live overseas now.

I LOVE brown riding boots, and my last pair had worn so low, there were holes in the soles. So new boots for me! (Totally broken in already.)

More vintage skirts.

And biking to the grocery store. I love small towns.

September, you were good to me.

The Times, They Are A-Changing

I’ve been pretty silent lately. But I promise. It was a good reason.

I moved. To South Korea. To teach English. To Korean children. Who don’t know English.

I know.

But it wasn’t rash. It was a planned venture, a job that I wanted, applied for, pursed. Then I got here and just kept wondering, “What have I done? What exactly have I done?”  I walked around in a daze. Granted, I can contribute the majority of that to jet-lag, but the whole decision felt so wrong. Why in the name of ANYTHING would I leave the people I love to come to a rough job to be around people I don’t love.


Ah, the word that keeps ringing in my head. I forgot that adventure costs something. Comfort, protection, freedom, pleasure, SOMETHING.

Adventure must cost you something.

But the payoff is huge. It means you’re living a better story. And great stories are difficult 3/4ths of the time. I was eating with my co-teacher a few days ago and she told me, in broken English, “This year is once. You must live it.”

Truth. Complete truth.

So I’ll be here, living my year. Living.

Wish List.

I have a mad crush on these wedges.