Month: December, 2011

The Bucket List

Living and working and exploring in a new city, especially a BIG foreign city, can be incredibly daunting. So on a quiet Sunday, my friend Tanja and I made a list of the places we most wanted to see and the things we most wanted to do. I love looking at the list when I feel homesick. The list helps me remember why I left home (to see the world!) and why I’m not jumping on a plane tomorrow. (I haven’t seen enough!)

This past weekend we were able to cross two more off of our adventure list: Ice skating at City Hall and seeing The Nutcracker at the Seoul Art Center. The first which involved 20 degree weather and the latter which involved getting lost and missing the first bit of the show. Regardless, it was such a fun and exciting weekend, which helped remind me– Hey, I’m living my dream!


DIYs I’d Like To Try.

With my free time at work, I do plenty of web-browsing. Plenty.

This gives me ample time to find more and more pages to bookmark at my work computer. Which is actually a little frustrating, since I forget to email myself the bookmarks for my personal computer.

Here are a few of the DIYs that I would really like to try soon.

Neon Necklace from A Pair & A Spare. 

How cute is this newly renovated necklace? Although it isn’t my favorite color, I can’t wait to spray paint some of the necklaces I have at home that I’ve grown tired of. Plus you can spray them again, and again, and again…. Get the full tutorial here.

Second, this cute votive holder from Fellow Fellow.

I love this idea, and it would make a really great gift, even seasonal depending on the fabric used in the jars. I like that you can also use a tiny fake votive light, since the fabric is flammable, and still get the same effect. Get the full tutorial here.

And last, another from Fellow Fellow. This really is an awesome blog.

Need a cork-board but can’t find a good size/style? Make your own! I love that she not only cut it into a neat shape, but painted the edges with a neon color. Very simple, very cheap, very easy, and very cute results. Get the full tutorial here.

The Importance of Being a Goal Setter.

When I first moved to Seoul, I spent a lot of time staring out my window, watching mindless tv shows, and wishing I was back home. All of these pastimes added up to an unproductive evening in which I would crawl into bed completely unsatisfied and unable to fall asleep.

So I started writing a goal list.

My October goal list was fairly simple: read a minimum of four books, write letters to friends back home, hang out with a few specific people, etc. I hung the goal list above my desk, and looked at it every day. When I was feeling homesick or unsatified or bored, I would look at that list and think about what I could do to help complete one of the things listed. It worked. I moved out of my slump.

Since then, I’ve continued writing a monthly goal list and posted it in the same place, above my desk. At the end of each month, I take it down, cross off what I accomplished and paste the list in my journal. This helps me put away the events of the month, the successes and the disappointments. I usually don’t accomplish everything on the list and those get bumped to the next one. Sometimes I realize that it was a lofty goal, or change my mind about the importance of it.

Through goal writing, I’ve also realized the importance of spontaneity and flexibity. Sometimes I can’t complete everything on my list because something new and exciting presents itself. That is the nature of life, and I’m so glad that each day continues to hold new possibility.

Here, in the name of full disclosure, is my December list. Posting it where others can see is just another way for me to hold myself accountable and work towards those list items that help me fall into bed a peaceful and accomplished girl.


1. Get a bank account (done!)

2. Transfer money back home. (done!)

3. Mail all Christmas packages by the 9th. (done!)

4. Finish all Christmas online shopping by the 10th.

5. Visit my friend Claire.

6. Go ice skating.

7. Write letters to friends and family, at least 3 a week.

8. Wash my sheets. (This really needs to happen soon!)

9. Read 3 books, and at least one classic.

And 10, which is a little more personal. One of the reasons I wanted to move away was that I wanted to try to spend some time writing. From day to day I have 3-5 first sentences rolling around in my head, but I never sit down and flush them out. I spend most of my time thinking about writing instead of actually doing it. This month I pledge to spend one night a week writing. 

Just making a goal list always lightens my steps a bit. Happy December and happy goal writing!

Music Monday.


I really love Christmas music. (Quite the earth-shattering statement, I know. Not many people love Christmas music these days.) But since I am far from home, and missing my record player and Christmas records, I’m having to make due with other Christmas music.

And good news,  it isn’t all Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Justin Beiber. (Can I also admit that I do still listen to N’Sync’s Christmas music?)

Here are a few places to stream or download really fantastic Christmas music and playlists.

My personal favorite song? “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Judy Garland style.

Download the entire playlist from Andrew and Carissa, here.

Check out Angela Hardison’s TWO Christmas playlists, featuring new and old music, here.

And last, for those who love the unknown bands, check out this website for a remix on the classics. You can download or stream it here.

Have yourself a merry little listen.