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My Thanksgiving Thankfuls.

I try to be thankful year round. I really do. When I was twelve, my mother told me I was ungrateful. I think ungrateful is one of the worst possible things one can be, and I’ve spent the rest of my life since trying to steer as far from that word as possible.

But Thanksgiving is a good time to hear other’s thankfuls as well. I love hearing what everyone else has been richly blessed with! In our family we have a great Thanksgiving tradition. We go around the table and everyone must say at least one thing they are specifically thankful for that year. We usually end up going around the table four or five times. We are richly blessed.

This year, as I am far from home, I am missing that tradition. I did get to Skype with the boyfriend and my family. Thank God for video chatting!

So here’s what I would say if we were around the Thanksgiving table together:

1. I’m thankful for Tyler.

He is proof that God is so intentional with our lives. We co-existed without even an inkling of attraction or affection until it was the right time for us. Only God could have orchestrated something so beautifully.

2. I’m thankful for my amazing family.

God put us back together 10 years ago, after a long messy divorce. I try not to let a day go by without thanking God for that one. Our family really is special and unusual. We actually enjoy being together. We have jokes. We still take vacations. We are so blessed.

3. I’m thankful for this trip.

If you had asked me about it a month and a half ago, I would have trashed this entire thing. I was miserable. I hated my job. I hated being away.

This is still hard, it’s hard to be far from those I love, but the entire trip has been such a growing experience. I’m doing something I have always dreamed about. How many people can actually say that? I have fallen in love with my students, in love with the culture, and in love with the amount of coffee shops in this caffeine-driven city! I have had so many amazing experiences and have many more adventures ahead before I come home.  My life has been harder, but richer too.

4. I’m thankful for Mail.

We completely underestimate the power of  well written letters these days. Nothing moves me quicker than seeing a hand addressed envelope waiting in my mailbox. Those of you who read this blog and have sent me mail THANK YOU! You’ll never know how much that has meant to me. And I love sending my replys out into the world. Letter writing truly is a lost art.


Friday Favorites.

Clinging to those last days of summer…


If I had a daughter, her room would totally be this cool.


Almost finished with Alas, Babylon. Oh my, that’s some wonderful literature.

Since I’m currently cat-less, I have to settle for collecting cat names. Fiddlesticks is my new favorite.

Welcome to August friends! What will you do with it?

Friday Favorites

This week I’m loving:

Such a great place to spend the summer.

Brilliant! Yummy too.

Always a good reminder.

Having a bit of wedding fever. I just got back from my best friend’s wedding. Isn’t she beautiful?

This wallpaper from a local antique store. (In which the owner was completely passed out!)

Ah! Such a great idea for a fireplace!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites.

I have the day off.

Deep breath.

And I’m finally back in Colorado, which feels like a giant sigh of relief. I’m still homesick for Texas, but that issue is more people related.

I belong in the mountains.

This week I’ve been so happy with the low temperatures, but I’m ready to get back into dresses and shorts.

And outfits like this:

(From Matchbook Mag. What a great online magazine!)

And I’m loving this color palate! And Rachel Bilson’s style, as usual.

This year, blue bonnets didn’t bloom in the Hill County. Not enough rain. This picture made me a little sad. Pray for rain in Texas and New Mexico!

Stair lust.

Cute cute.

Mint — Currently my favorite nail color. And one many seem to like to comment on … go figure.

Love, love, loving the fresh flowers at Whole Foods right now!

And last, a few words of wisdom, from one lady to another:

Hope your weekend includes some time like this! I know mine will.

Friday Favorites.

Goodness, it’s been a while!

With graduation and finals and GRADUATION, and senior presentations and getting my wisdom teeth removed, I’ve hardly had any time to breath, let along blog.

Ah, but it’s officially summer and I’m officially a student no more. Hoorah!

But I think I’ll always be a student, in one way or another. There’s so much to do and see and learn, that one should never actually stop being a student of something.

If I could do anything, I’d always take at least one college class, one a semester. That would be luxury to me.

As usual, here are some of my favorites from the week. (Or past few weeks…)

Cute vintage dress. And I love the mixing and matching of prints.

Love, love, love this tattoo.

My house will definitely have a wall for plate display.

Cute brownies! And surprisingly simple.

More outfit lust.

Say yes to mustard and ruffles!

Tasteful? Just one.

Love the pops of color and white simplicity.

For you dear readers! Yesterday was my biggest viewing day yet for this humble blog.


Now I’m off to finish my marathon watching of Gilmore Girls. Perhaps widsom teeth removal is good for something … besides the obvious, of course.

Post-Friday Favorites.

Busy Friday = late Friday Favorites. But

I’m in the home stretch of my senior year! Hoorah! It’s so strange, thinking about packing up. Not just my belongings, but my relationships. Starting to say goodbye–to familiar places, faces, and spaces.


But I digress. Here are my favs from the week:

An office space I’d love to steal.

Kate Winslet. Classy as usual.

Curious as to why all homes don’t look like this…

Freckles, freckles, freckles.

Simple. But still unique.

Gallery wall. (You know how I love gallery walls…)


And a few looks I love:

And a song, to top it off. Excuse the incredibly lame pink background. I didn’t make it. But it was the best copy I could find.

Tootles. Happy Weekend.

Post-Friday Favorites.

Still loving the Matchbook magazine. And I do all of those things except Tweet. I don’t Tweet. Or tip the doorman, as our apartment doesn’t have a doorman. But lucky pennies? I always stop for lucky pennies.

New Bridesmaids dresses from Anthro’s new bridal store.

(And can I be honest? I think that model has such an awkward face.)

My future husband. Really far into the future, of course. Via That Kind of Woman.

A gorgeous top from Zara.

The perfect wedding band from Bario-Neal.

Sweet street style via That Kind of Woman.

This advertisement for Blue Valentine. Sadly, I’m not sure I can handle such a depressing movie right now.

Crossing my fingers for rain so that I can …

… sing in the rain.

Hope you had an amazing spring break! I soaked up every ounce of excitement, as it was my last one. I headed east with some dear friends for a mission trip. God used us to bless others in the most incredible ways.  It’s always the best part of my year.

Friday Favorites.

Favorites garnered by fruitful internet searching/wasting time instead of doing homework:

Silk Hair Ties— cute and functional.

Speaking of hair, I’m anxious to try this once summer rolls around.

Speaking of summer, I’m anxious to see where I’ll be settling down post graduation. I’d like to have these cute letters with me.

Speaking of traveling, I found this panting on my igoogle page today.

I like it.

Warby Parker glasses. Not only are they a great company that allows at-home glasses preview and charges an INCREDIBLY decent rate, but they have a one-for-one donation process–for every pair bought, a pair of glasses is given to a person in need.

Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard’s tweets. So freakin cute.

Baked Kale chips. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

Happy Friday! I’m going to the drive-in theater tonight. I think the last film I saw at a drive-in was Pocahontas.

Wow. That was ages ago.

Friday Favorites.

The sun has shone all week long, which makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. Which makes me feel as if summer is just around the corner.

Which makes me want to wear sandals, which I currently am doing.

This weekend will be a busy one! A road trip tonight, work, and more catching up on homework. (Why can’t we all speak English?)

This week I’m loving:

Everything Kate Spade loves. And Kate Spade in general.

Vanilla Tea from Harney. I’m almost out!

This amazing crochet banner.

e.e. cummings, valentines style.

Billy Collins, reading one of my favorite poems. Gosh, I’m such a nerd, sitting in the library, eyes closed and giggling along with this video.

And the Matchbook girl. I do love online magazines, and this is a gem,

Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites.

This is the first weekend in MONTHS that I have nada. No major plans, no work, no large agenda. I’m sighing deeply just thinking about it.

And as usual, here are my favorites from the week:


Still enjoying my scarfy weather.

And cardigan weather.

A wonderfully sweet sentiment.

2 down. 10 to go. And how powerful is The Awakening?

A tiny plea for spring. And an all yellow house.

… and reality. But clementines make reality better.

Thinking of Jane Austen. As usual.

Have a relaxing weekend dear friends!