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DIYs I’d Like To Try.

With my free time at work, I do plenty of web-browsing. Plenty.

This gives me ample time to find more and more pages to bookmark at my work computer. Which is actually a little frustrating, since I forget to email myself the bookmarks for my personal computer.

Here are a few of the DIYs that I would really like to try soon.

Neon Necklace from A Pair & A Spare. 

How cute is this newly renovated necklace? Although it isn’t my favorite color, I can’t wait to spray paint some of the necklaces I have at home that I’ve grown tired of. Plus you can spray them again, and again, and again…. Get the full tutorial here.

Second, this cute votive holder from Fellow Fellow.

I love this idea, and it would make a really great gift, even seasonal depending on the fabric used in the jars. I like that you can also use a tiny fake votive light, since the fabric is flammable, and still get the same effect. Get the full tutorial here.

And last, another from Fellow Fellow. This really is an awesome blog.

Need a cork-board but can’t find a good size/style? Make your own! I love that she not only cut it into a neat shape, but painted the edges with a neon color. Very simple, very cheap, very easy, and very cute results. Get the full tutorial here.



I love this simple jewelry box from A Beautiful Mess.  Get the how-to here.

Shift Change.

I’ve been changing the site a lot lately. Perhaps it’s been my mood. Regardless, I’m finally please with the results. I like the clean and simple background much more than the busy previous theme.

Perhaps it has to do with falling in love with these two blogs:

Amanda Jane


And Andrew + Carissa. Aren’t they the cutest?

Plus, both are collaborators for Kinfolk magazine, which is sheer brilliance.


Good Hair.

Loving braids right now! Wish I could figure out this one:















But, I have mastered this hairstyle, thanks to the tutorial:


I think I will forever …

i.e. :

Yes. Natural hair is good hair.

Visual Lyrics.

I love these lyric/picture duos from Stolen Lyric. And that he links the artist with the picture.

You can even purchase the photos stretched on canvas!

It’s also interesting to see what picture is chosen to match the lyrics. Hmmmmmm.

Idea Crush.

Feeling crafty today… such a cute idea!

via A Cup of Jo

Idea Crush.

I’ve been eyeing these embroidered hoops lately, anxious to do my own. I didn’t even notice I’d been collecting them until various types appeared on my desktop. We have types, don’t we?

I embroidered a lot as a kid, that is until my mother banned needles from the house due to a freak accident in which one needle ended up going through the heel of her foot, putting an end to my craftiness.

Thus, I’ve added needlepointing to the ever-growing list of hobbies I will pick up once graduation has commenced. Me thinks I’m becoming delusional about post-graduate time.

Idea Crush.

Saw these while perusing the intra-net. (Giving myself a much needed research break!)

An awesome collage (as usual) from Lox Papers

A great idea for a hair-tie replacement and awesome garden embellishment from A Cup of Jo.

And a reminder of the red tights (via Matchbox) sitting in my drawer. I will wear you tomorrow!