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I love this simple jewelry box from A Beautiful Mess.  Get the how-to here.


Put A Movie On Your Wall.

Seriously loving the movie poster prints for sale on Svpply.

Favorite? Toss up between Return of the Jedi and Eternal Sunshine. 


Beyond excited about my two new additions from Urban Outfitters. I can’t wait to see how they look in my new home!

Sometimes when you move far away, it’s nice to take a bit of home too.

(I thought the rug was especially appropriate!)

I Make My Own.

I’ve officially entered the 21st century. At least it feels like it with my new smartphone.

(If you don’t have instagram, get it. I spend more time on it than actually using my phone for communication purposes.)

But the more I looked for cases, the more depressed I felt. Blah to otterboxes/hand boats, blah to plain colors. Even blah to Kate Spade cases, which just weren’t what I was looking for. But for protection purposes, I needed one.

So I purchased a clear one, and shortly afterwards realized the potential sitting in my hands.

Using an old Anthropology catalog and my favorite fortune cookie fortune, I created my own!

This is satisfaction, my friends. At least, until I change it.


(Love this etsy store)

Simple Pleasures.

Posting the desk picture in my “Friday Favorites” encouraged me to clean clean clean my desk space. Is there anything sweeter than a clean working area?

I love having fresh flowers, a gift from my rose bush out front. Houses need flowers.

Visual Lyrics.

I love these lyric/picture duos from Stolen Lyric. And that he links the artist with the picture.

You can even purchase the photos stretched on canvas!

It’s also interesting to see what picture is chosen to match the lyrics. Hmmmmmm.

The Result of Feeling Crafty.

I’ve had a crafty few days, inspired by a picture I posted on Friday Favorites last week. I spent the weekend making this cowl neck scarf, which I LOVE and have worn almost every cold day since.

I love the mustard yellow and the pattern is wonderfully simple. I just created a chain, and looped it around to create a circle, and just kept on with the single stitch. Sweet and simple.

In honor of Valentines Day, I made my next door neighbors bran-muffins, which sounds odd, but it’s what they like. And that’s why I like them.

Here are my bran-muffins, V-day edition:

I was quite proud! The recipe can be found here.

And I FINALLY finished my calendar. (It’s February, I know.) I also completed my gallery wall, as inspired by the new Hellogoodbye album cover.

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself!


When fall rolls around, I always feel the need to be doing something crafty. Or redecorating. And I was quite inspired by this simple and bright apartment.

(And thanks for those words of wisdom Micheal Jackson.)

I need one (or two) of these record shelves desperately. Large silver apple? Not so desperate.

I love this mantle piece as well. Our rosebush is still blooming, despite the November air. It feels like such a contradiction to smell a new rosebud while wearing a winter jacket and scarf.