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Music Monday.


I really love Christmas music. (Quite the earth-shattering statement, I know. Not many people love Christmas music these days.) But since I am far from home, and missing my record player and Christmas records, I’m having to make due with other Christmas music.

And good news,  it isn’t all Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Justin Beiber. (Can I also admit that I do still listen to N’Sync’s Christmas music?)

Here are a few places to stream or download really fantastic Christmas music and playlists.

My personal favorite song? “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Judy Garland style.

Download the entire playlist from Andrew and Carissa, here.

Check out Angela Hardison’s TWO Christmas playlists, featuring new and old music, here.

And last, for those who love the unknown bands, check out this website for a remix on the classics. You can download or stream it here.

Have yourself a merry little listen.


Mixtape: Indian Summer

In honor of my favorite season, fall, and the season inside the season, Indian Summer, please enjoy this simple mixtape. Dance, cry, sing, and overall celebrate the leaves changing.

Music Monday.


In celebration of Coldplay’s new album, Mylo Xloto, this post is dedicated to you Coldplay. (Yeah, I just typed that like Chris Martin is a faithful subscriber)

Below are my top 5 favorite Coldplay songs, and let me tell you, this was a tough playlist to make. I started out writing a bit about why I liked each song,  but it just sounded unworthy and lame compared to the song itself.

Coldplay, you make good music.

In no particular order:

1) Strawberry Swing.


2) Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love


3) We Never Change

4) Swallowed by the Sea

5) Shiver

Music Monday.

“You can get addicted to a certain type of sadness.”


Goosebumps at 3:08.


Music Monday.

Hoorah, hoorah for Death Cab’s next released single promoting “Codes and Keys,” out May 31st. Yeah, I might have already pre-ordered it.

Oh, thank you for not disappointing me!

Music Monday.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend dear readers. Mine was relaxing and sunny, the weather tempting me only to produce a dreary start of a week. This song made me feel better. The Avett Bros are old news, but still a staple.

It’s even better with lyrics.

Happy Monday.

Music Monday.

I love Schuyler Fisk. I have since my first viewing of the Babysitter’s Club movie, an all time fav. Remember Kristi? (Far right)

Since then, Schuyler Fisk has been in one of my favorite indie films, I’m Reed Fish, and written two of my favorite albums. Her newest album, Blue Ribbon Winner, has been on repeat all week. Here’s a “making of” video. Isn’t she the cutest? Gosh, those freckles.

And her official music video:

Sigh. So good.


Dear Friends,

Do you love Telekinesis? If not, you should.

Hopefully now you do.



Dear Monday. (And Music Monday)

So my name isn’t Leah, but I like this sentiment nonetheless. Especially since Monday’s aren’t always my favorite day.

But this song has been on repeat all week long.

Hoorah for Hellogoodbye’s new album!