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Stay Classy…

… And keep it simple.




Hump Day Wish List.

So excited to read this. Mindy Kaling cracks me up. And much of the funnies we laugh at on The Office, she writes.

Yes, I will buy this book.

I could do this. Will I? Probably not. But I could.

Perfect backdrop: (and how cute is her adoring smile?)

Using books to decorate seasonally:





Wish List.

Currently loving short skirts with tights.

One of my Korean co-workers said that I have “Korean style” because I dress really girly. She saw me making this post and laughed. Apparently I’ve come to the right place for fashion!

I love riding the subway because it turns into finding inspiration for the next day’s outfit!

Put A Movie On Your Wall.

Seriously loving the movie poster prints for sale on Svpply.

Favorite? Toss up between Return of the Jedi and Eternal Sunshine. 

Wish List.

I have a mad crush on these wedges.

Completely Ready For All Things Fall.

Specifically clothing. Like scarves. Boots. And more scarves.

My summer palate consisted mainly of pastels and florals.

This fall I’m looking forward to incorporating more blue hues, specifically teal, the shake up the blush I’m so fond of.

One of my favorite things about fall clothing, is that you really can wear summer clothing if you transition it correctly.

Cardigans are key. They take any spring or summer outfit into the fall.

One of the things I’m most excited about trying, is pairing sweaters with summer skirts. I love the longer hem trend which re-emerged this summer, and plan to continue it into the fall, simply by adding warmth up top. Genius.

And of course, the always popular blazer and scarf upgrade.

I’m just counting down the days until I can comfortably wear tights, my wardrobe staple.

Whoo, and don’t even get me started on the pure genius of shorts and tights.

Better Than a Paper Bag.

Currently loving:

I think I’m becoming a minimalist. Neat.

Wish List.

M. Ward’s Hold Time album might be some of my favorite album artwork.

The songs aren’t so bad either:

Happy Thursday!

Friday Favorites.

Favorites garnered by fruitful internet searching/wasting time instead of doing homework:

Silk Hair Ties— cute and functional.

Speaking of hair, I’m anxious to try this once summer rolls around.

Speaking of summer, I’m anxious to see where I’ll be settling down post graduation. I’d like to have these cute letters with me.

Speaking of traveling, I found this panting on my igoogle page today.

I like it.

Warby Parker glasses. Not only are they a great company that allows at-home glasses preview and charges an INCREDIBLY decent rate, but they have a one-for-one donation process–for every pair bought, a pair of glasses is given to a person in need.

Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard’s tweets. So freakin cute.

Baked Kale chips. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

Happy Friday! I’m going to the drive-in theater tonight. I think the last film I saw at a drive-in was Pocahontas.

Wow. That was ages ago.

Wish List.

I’m having a hard time choosing winter outfits when all I want to wear are items like this: